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Press Release: Chinese Consulate provide support to the First Sino-American Regional Economic Development and Culture Exchange Summit

Conference host discusses preparation tasks with Chinese Consulate in New York

Exton, PA – March 25, 2013

Sue Cheng, Head of Conference Operations and President of ABD International spoke with Consul Wang Long of Economic and Commercial Office, Chinese Consulate General in New York regarding hosting of the first Sino-American Regional Economic Development and Culture Exchange Summit conference. Consul Wang told Sue Cheng that he believes the conference will be a great thing to do in improving Sino-American business development and culture exchange and said both himself and the Consulate General will provide full support to the conference. The consulate will send representatives to attend the conference and will also provide assistance to Chinese attendees to attend the conference.




About Sino-American Regional Economic Development and Culture Exchange Summit: the mission of the conference is to establish and enhance economic cooperation and culture exchange between two countries and in particular, between the counties in The Greater Philadelphia and districts in the city of Chongqing, to open up the vast and ever growing market to the Philadelphia region, to American investors and high tech innovation firms and also regional market here in the area to Chinese investors and businesses.

About ABD International: with extensive experience in businesses, in pharmaceutical, software technology, online commerce, business planning, market research, etc. industries in the US as well as in China, with a wealth of contacts and connections in Chinese businesses and governments and knowledge of Chinese government policies and strategic directions of business development within China, ABD International is a very important resource when it comes to international trade and business development between US and China.

About MLCCC: MLCCC is a nonprofit-501c3, nonpartisan, nonpolitical organization that serves as a catalyst to increase understanding between American and Chinese cultures.

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