Leadership Team

Luo, Meifu ( 罗美富)

Honorary President, Co-founder

  • Executive Vice Chairman of the Central State Organs Calligraphers Association; Member of China Calligraphers Association
  • Vice Chairman of China Auditing Calligraphers Association; Former Director of Foreign Affairs Department of National Audit Office
  • Director of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries; Executive Director of China World Celebrity Research Association
  • Director of the Chinese Diplomatic Society; Senior Advisor of the Beijing National Arts People’s Calligraphy and Painting Institute, China
  • Visiting professor of Nanjing Audit University, visiting professor of International Business Officials Training Institute
  • To promote and propagate Chinese culture, explore and pioneer the writing of Chinese and English in the same work, Loved and praised by Chinese and foreign people
John Baker

Honorary President

  • Professor, West Chester University of Pennsylvania, has been the Dean of School of Liberal Arts, West Chester University for over 20 years
  • Associate Director, Art Association of Chester County, Pennsylvania
  • West Chester University named its art gallery in John – John H. Baker Gallery
  • Won Outstanding Leader and Great Community Services Awards many time
  • Art work in exhibitions in over 100 countries and regions
  • Many art work in galleries, corporation and personal collections, including West Chester University of Pennsylvania, Museum of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Delaware Art Museum, AT&T, MBNA, Pioneer Valley Medical Center of Maryland, Zenith Corp., New York Electric and Gas Company, Beijing Capital University
Sue Cheng ( 许蜀)

President / Founder, International Chinese Arts Society of Americas

David Zhu (朱立业)

Vice President/Secretary-General

  • President, the American Calligraphy and Painting Art Research Association
  • President, the American Fujian Calligraphers and Painters Association
  • Vice President, the World Culture Tour Newspaper
  • Deputy Editor-in-Chief, the Magazine “Voice of Overseas Chinese” in the United States
  • Executive Director and Special Correspondent, the American Station of the Southeast Network of Fujian Daily
  • Program Host of the “New York Business Story”

Yao, Qingying ( 姚庆英)

Vice President

  • Advisor, Europe Association of Chinese Art and Calligraphy
  • Honorary President, San Francisco Institute of Arts
  • Vice Chairwomen, Beijing Guoyi People’s Institute of Chinese Art and Calligraphy
  • Council Member, Hubei Province Institute of Oversea Chinese Culture Improvement
  • Member, Yichang Association of Artists, President, Institute of Chinese Art and Calligraphy of Yichang Oversea Chinese Union, Chief Secretary, City Institute of Traditional Culture Study
  • Taught by Shijia Zhang, Shifang Fu, Guilin Guo, famous Chinese Artists and Calligraphers. Specialized in Freehand flowers and birds paintings, Guo Se Tian Xiang, peony and lotus paintings
  • Won national Golden Awards for live demonstrations many time

Frank Chang (张淙)

Vice President

  • Vice Chairman, the committee of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Major Net Art website; Director, the oversea Liaison USA;
  • President, the Chinese Jianguang Art Institute of USA

Sun, Guangli ( 孙广利)

Senior Advisor

  • Director, Beijing Guoyi People’s Institute of Chinese Art and Calligraphy

Wang, Zongzhou ( 王宗周)

Special Advisor

  • Famous Oil Painting Artist, Art Educator
  • American Association of Oil Painting Artists
  • Beijing Association of Artists
  • Standing Council Member, International Chinese Artists Association
  • Professor, Central University of Nationalities
  • Art work have been included in the World Chinese Artists Achievements Expo, on the North America Famous Chinese Artists List, World Chinese Artists Yearbook, Dictionary of Chinese Famous People, Collection of World Famous Chinese Art work. Won, in 2005, the Certification of International Chinese Culture Celebrity Status. Won Golden Tripod Award of World Culture Science and Technology Contribution Award, Won 2007 Art Achievement Award of International Chinese Artist Association
Nie, Yuehua ( 聂跃华)

Special Advisor

  • Member, Chinese Art Association
  • Vice President, Beijing Min Jin Institute of Chinese Art and Calligraphy
  • Professor and advisor of the Master’s degree program, College of Arts, Tsinghua University
  • Main teacher, Online Open Class for National Boutique Art
  • Won “Meritorious Service Art Award” from US Rodin International Artist Foundation
  • Won Bronze Awards of Chinese Young Artist Chinese Art First Annual Exhibition of Chinese Literature and Art Foundation
  • Art work selected to the 10th and 11th National Art Exhibition of Chinese Ministry of Culture
Zhang, Guomin ( 张国民)

Artistic Advisor

  • Certified Senior Painter in Cultural promotion, and Connoisseur of Contemporary Chinese Painting
  • Certified Chinese National Ritual Painter
  • Chairman of China Color Ink Landscape Institute
  • Director of Chinese Artists Association
  • Vice President of Chinese Artists Association
  • Director of Shantou Branch, Guangdong Southern Painting Academy
  • Vice President of Hebei Celebrity Painting and Calligraphy Academy
  • Vice President of Chinese Huaxia Wanlixing Calligraphy and Painters Association
  • In March 2018, he was appointed as the deputy director of the Calligraphy and Painting Art Committee of the Chinese Native Art Association
  • In October 2017, he appointed as a librarian of the Central Museum of Culture and History
  • In March 2015, the work “Mighty Wind” was selected into the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Hall (Contemporary Calligraphy and Painting Masters) Art Exhibition and won the award
  • In August 2015, the work [Chinese Dream and the Mighty Wind] was collected by the Great Hall of the People
  • In 2015, he was named one of the top ten artists of the year by the Good Brand
  • In May 2016, attended the conference of Thailand Cultural Exchange with the invitation from the Ministry of Culture of China and the Royal Thai Prince Bhamo, the Chairman of ASEAN Plus Six Countries, Luo Zongzheng, to develop the long-term cultural relationships between China and Thailand. His works “Dragon Soaring, Tiger Leaping and the Chinese Soul” and “Chinese Dream and the Mighty Wind” were collected by the Prince and Chairman Luo, respectively
Jin, Fengshi (金凤石)

Artistic Advisor

  • Member of China Artists Association
  • National First-Class Artist, China
  • Member of Oil Painters America
  • Member of Portrait Society of America
  • Member of American Impressionist Society (AIS)
  • Member of United American Artists
  • Professor, School of Art, Renmin University of China

Artworks exhibition and awards:

  • “Cattle’s Career”,  The Eighth National Art Exhibition, China,1994
  • “Dance”, collected in the National Art Museum of China, 1996
  • “Holy Song”, The Tenth National Art Exhibition, China, 2004
  • “Childhood”, nomination Award, the 11th National Art Exhibition, China, 2009
  • “Blessing”, the third prize, the 11th American Portrait Exhibition, New York, 2015
  • “Desire”,  Excellence Award, the 18th American International Portrait Exhibition, Washington, 2016
  • “Blessing”, the Excellence Award at the 104th Annual Exhibition of the American Union Artists Association, New York, 2017
  • “Spring”, the first prize, 336 Art Museum – Miller Art Exhibition, New York, 2018
  • “The Bazaar”, the Outstanding Work Award, the 106th Annual Exhibition of the American Union Artists Association, New York, 2019
  • “Friends series”, the fifth place, the 22nd International Portrait Exhibition in the United States, Florida, 2020
  • “Portrait Friends series-2”, the 2021 NOAPS American Best Sketch Exhibition Excellence Award, South Carolina, 2021
  • “Portrait Series ~ 119”, the second prize, 2021 NOAPS Autumn International Online Exhibition in the United States, 2021
  • “First Snow”, the Irv and Joan Englander Memorial Award, the 42nd Annual Jury Exhibition of the Ridgewood School of Art, 2022
Fang, Shujiu (方书久)

Senior Advisor

  • Professor
  • President, Jiulong Art Institute of America
  • Director, the American Center for Chinese and Western Art and Executive Chairman of the International Overseas Chinese Culture and Art Federation
  • Chinese State Guest Artist and First Class Artist
  • Visiting Professor of the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University and the School of Art of Southeast University

Liu, Shuchun(刘树春)

Principal Senior Advisor

  • Vice Chairman of China Oil Painting Sketch Club and Chairman of Shanghai Branch

Song, Feihong(宋飞鸿)

Artistic Advisor

Song Feihong is the daughter of Song Baoluo, a famous Peking Opera artist who used to sing for the last emperor in China. Although gifted in music, art, and literature like her renowned father, the beautiful girl did not pursue a career as a professional singer but became a cultural ambassador through years of dedication to teaching and sponsoring cultural events in the Chinese community. She devoted more than 200 hours yearly at different schools, demonstrating Chinese culture. The Chinese Bookstore, located in Philadelphia, was considered the most successful in the USA.

Ji, Lanwei (纪兰慰)

Artistic Advisor

Lanwei Ji was a professor at Minzu University of China, an advisor of postgraduate study, and a member of the Chinese Dancers Association. She was engaged in ethnic dance education for more than 50 years, with solid professional skills and a theoretical foundation, as well as rich experience in dance teaching. She has published books and academic papers on dance, such as “The History of Chinese Minority Dance”. She is the artistic advisor of the International Chinese Arts Society of Americas.

Since 2003, she has taught folk dance classes at the Great Wall Chinese School in Philadelphia. She has been invited as a guest professor at the Dance Department of Temple University and the Philadelphia Folk Arts Charter School.

In 2007, she founded the Little Mulan Dance Troupe of the Great Wall Chinese School to promote Chinese culture. For more than ten years, she has trained many second-generation Chinese lead folk dancers and adapted and created dozens of folk dance works.

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